Industrial safety: Safety first.

The subject of industrial safety is becoming more and more important. This is understandable, as many accidents have taken place in working environments. Especially when it comes to working with hot materials and in hot environments, industrial safety is crucial. Our portfolio offers you various solutions for effective industrial safety in your company: Ranging from industrial safety gloves to coats and gaiters, we provide you with safe equipment from head to toe.

Create a safe workplace with our industrial safety products. Feel free to contact us if you have any question:

Tel.: +49 6074 400930

Our products

Our industrial safety products are perfectly suited for work with hot materials and in hot environments. They offer both effective protection and sufficient room for movement for optimum performance in each activity. Please take a look at what we have to offer!

For radiant heat up to 1,000° C:

  • Heat-protective coats
  • Heat-protective jackets
  • Frontal protection coats
  • Heat-protective gloves
  • Heat-protective trousers
  • Heat-protective gaiters
  • Heat-protective hoods
  • Neck guard

Safety gloves for contact heat from 500° C to 1,100° C

  • 3-finger & 5-finger gloves
  • Mittens

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