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Generating cold air - COLDER

Our cold-air generator COLDER turns normal compressed air into ultra cold air up to -55° C.

This way, you will find an ideal solution for procedures involving the following:

  • Cooling metals during swarf creating processes
  • Cooling during soldering and welding
  • Cooling of plastic and glass
  • Cooling of electronic parts

A typical area of use for this generated cold air is the elimination of heat generated by processing metals and plastics. The efficiency of our generated cold air can be seen especially when processing hard or highly viscous material such as titanium pipes, non corroding steel, Inconel or thermo plastics. The cooling of a piece of material or of a tool with our COLDER increases the cutting speed of the tools and maintains their life span. A COLDER is often recommended for the dry cutting of magnesium alloys and others. It is also effective for the cooling of metal moulds, printed circuits, semi conductors ELEKT.S

Available in four different models:
Typ 140-55 SV up to -30° C
Typ 160-65 SV up to -45° C
Typ 185-65 SV up to -50° C
Typ 190-75 SV up to -55° C