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Anti slip products

We all know the problem: sometimes one could do with an extra hand. The solution can be found in our anti slip mats. Their range of application is amazingly versatile. They have an extremely high coefficient of friction with all other firm and dry materials. If a mat is placed under any item, this item will no longer slip away, even when pushed. The mat sits firmly on worksurfaces and -benches. This is a considerable advantage in the assembly process for all components.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Extremely surface-active, anti-slip plastic material.
  • Simplifies working with and handling items significantly.
  • Items are maintained in place, despite the implementation of force (pushing and shoving).
  • Considerable sound- and noise-proofing effect.
  • Permanent adhesive qualities.

Available in:
Colors: blue (RAL5017), green (RAL6018) or red (RAL3020)

Measurements in mm
400 width, 2000 length
400 width, 9100 length