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Adhesives, castables, coatings

up to 1760°C and high temperature epoxies up to 300°C


The ceramic adhesives are inorganic and pose an ideal solution for bonding ceramics, metals, glas, graphite, ceramic textiles, and materials consisting of different component pairs up to 1760° C.

Typical areas of application are:

terminating resistors, bushings, fibre optics, gas igniters, halogen lamps, heater elements, resistor heaters, rheostats.

catalytic converters, bondings between ceramics and ceramics or ceramics and metal, sealing, radiant heaters, insulation of fire proof materials, tread sealing.

Measuring heads and instruments
gas chromatography, high vacuum components, devices to contain liquid metals, mass spectrometers, oxygen analysers, strain gauges, temperature measuring heads.


giessmasseCastables have been developed to produce high-temperature parts and to cast-in and encapsulate a wide variety of electrical components where high dielectric resistance and high contact resistance is required.

Typical areas of application are:
Electrics feeler gauges, electric bushings, electrodes for gas igniters, heater elements, terminating resistors, rheostats, high intensity light blubs, halogen lamps

Metallurgy brazing devices, smelters, hollow ware sintering, brackets for heater elements, welding apparatus, stand-off insulators


Our protective coatings are specifically designed for high temperatures. They consist of chemically bound mixtures for coating ceramics, quartz, fire resistant materials and metals.

This will give all your applications excellent adhesive qualities as well as resistance to heat shocks and corrosion.

Typical areas of use are:

fire-proof coverings, halogen lamps, cast-iron repairwork, restistor heating elements, high- frequency heaters, pipe heating systems, thermoelements, gas chromatographs, oxygen analysers, washer plates, engine coils, metal exhaust pipes, fire proof pipes, stove and combustor covers, boiler covers, ventilation ducts and hoods, distributors and mufflers/ silencers, steam panellings, smelters, high temperature fastenings.


epoxyHigh temperature epoxies up to 300° C are particularly suited for adhesion and bonding as well as effusion. They have outstanding chemical, electrical and mechanical properties.

You will find solutions for the following areas:

  • Ultra-high temperatures
  • General high temperature uses
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Heat conductive abilities
  • Electro-conductive abilities
  • Electro-conductive and heat-conductive applications
  • Adhesives and castables
  • High tug and shear stress
  • High temperature sealant and adhesive