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About us

Your aims and objectives are the focal point for our team when you consult with us. If you are looking for solutions in the areas of production, construction, development, research, servicing & maintenance, laboratory and trade, we are here to help you.

Team Kager neu

Our product range is extensive and always at the cutting edge of modern technology:

  • Zetex high temperature insulation materials (textiles)
  • Ceramic fibre insulation materials for high temperatures
  • Adhesion, moulding and protective covering for applications up to ca. 1.700° C
  • Machinable hard-ceramics up to 1400° C
  • Cold air generator; COLDER
  • High temperature measuring and -supervision through chemical indicators by way of adhesive
  • patches, paints and chalks
  • Equipment (anti-slip mats, dust collecting mats, micro burners, flux agents)
  • Anaerobic sealants, adhesive materials and superglues
  • Anaerobic pressure measuring films

Make use of our service:

  • Manufacturing of small parts made from our hard ceramic 9020 according to drawing
  • Tests for glueing and casting & sealing of small parts in-house