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Welcome to Kager Industrieprodukte GmbH

Looking for solutions to thermal challenges?
We can solve them because our products provide the answer! We offer professional solutions in the areas of:

Manufacturing, design, development, research, service, maintenance, as well as in laboratory and manual expertise.

Our portfolio includes high-temperature insulating materials, surface coatings (also suitable for high temperatures), corrosion protection, ceramic materials, pyrophyllite, high-temperature adhesives and epoxies, casting compounds, coatings, protective paints, anti-friction protection, temperature indicators and measurement points, thermal disinfection indicators, temperature indicating paints, chalks, bolt securing products, materials for joints, sealing tubes and flat sealing materials, fluxes, anti-slip foils, dust collecting mats, micro soldering torches, cold air generators, pressure measuring films, ceramic fibre products, textured glass fibres, as well as anaerobic adhesives and sealing systems.

Take advantage of our experience, from almost four decades of business.